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Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner are not content to merely solve racism with Pepsi and steal African-American artists’ designs for their clothing line. Now they’re literally stealing images of famous African-American rap artists and putting their own Jenner-branded stink on them. For real. The Kendall + Kylie clothing brand has a new line of vintage-style t-shirts for “bands” and rap artists. Biggie and Tupac’s images are on the t-shirts, and then Kylie and Kendall stamped those iconic images with their own Warhol-esque vibe:

Of course it’s culture-vulturing and of course it’s completely inappropriate and yet par for the course for the Kardashian-Jenners. Beyond that, however, I have to ask: how is it that NO ONE in their camp even bothered to wonder “hey, do we have the rights or the licensing to use these copyrighted images?” Obviously, as soon as the t-shirts went on sale online, everyone was outraged and the t-shirts were pulled from the online store. Biggie’s mom threatened to sue, and she called them out in an Instagram:

As I said, Kendall and Kylie did pull the images from their online store, but before they did that, the t-shirts were already selling, and selling fast (because 2017 is a dumpster fire). No one knows if those t-shirts will eventually see the light of day. But Kendall did take to Twitter to apologize. I’m shocked that she didn’t offer anyone a Pepsi to make it all better.

“These designs were not well thought out” is one of the most hilarious understatements of the year. Here’s another thing I don’t get: if you are truly a fan of Pac or Biggie, why would you even DARE to think, “Hey, those iconic images of Pac and Biggie would be so much better if an image of my ass was imprinted on top of them?”

Kendall Jenner at V Magazine

Kendall Jenner at V Magazine

Photos courtesy of WENN, Instagram, Kendall + Kylie’s clothing label.