To preface this story, rememebr two things: 1) Jennifer Lawrence is madly devoted to her dog, Pippi Lawrence-Stockings and brings her everywhere and 2) a couple of weeks ago she had a harrowing experience while flying when her small plane lost its engines and had to make an emergency landing. I mention that because it is possible that Jennifer was still a little shaken from that, which led to her being touchier than usual when she landed at LAX. Or this story could just boil down to her over-protectiveness of her fur baby. Whatever it was, Jennifer told off a paparazzo from TMZ when he tried to pet her dog. It was the only quote she granted those waiting for her on the curb that day.

Whatever you do, don’t touch Jennifer Lawrence’s dog. 

A TMZ videographer learned this lesson the hard way when he approached Lawrence outside Los Angeles International Airport this week as her beloved pet, Pippi Lawrence-Stocking, trailed behind her. Yes, that’s her real name. 

Hiding her face with a white fedora, the “Hunger Games” star clearly was in no mood to chat with reporters about a scare earlier this month, when the actress’ private plane made an emergency landing due to engine failure. Lawrence powered on past the crowd until Pippi wandered over to the videographer, who reached out to pet the pooch.

That is, until Lawrence scooped up the dog from the sidewalk and muttered, “Don’t touch my dog, you f**king loser.”

[From Huffington Post]

You can see the video here. To his credit, the pap found the incident funny. I don’t doubt that the paparazzi are an absolute nightmare much of the time. But LAX is one place you are guaranteed to encounter them. I am fine with a celebrity putting their head down and taking the fifth as they walk by. But if you look at the video, the pap didn’t really do anything wrong. Pippi was kind of wandering in her little area and engaged him. He put his hand down, let her smell it and spoke baby talk to it – all the customary dog greeting courtesies were met. If a dog wanders up to me for a sniff, I’ll give them a scritch behind the ears. I mean, clearly I won’t be doing that to Pippi but any other pup I would. My dog is the cutest dog on the planet. That’s not even subjective, he tells me that every day. People have a hard time passing by him without petting him. Most people ask to pet him but should he amble over to them and they reach down to give him a pat, I have never had an issue with it. He’ll tell them if he doesn’t want them there.

Now granted, I don’t have an acrylic painting over my fireplace of my dog like Jennifer. She admitted to this in an interview with Seth Meyers last December. So maybe I am just not as devoted. This is kind of a toss-up for me. On the one hand, I am sure Jennifer’s animosity towards the paparazzi stems from much more than an overture to her dog. On the other hand, if petting a dog makes you a “f—king loser” then I am in some serious trouble.

Photo Credit: WENN Photos, Backgrid and Getty Images