Greta Van Susteren’s tenure at MSNBC is over after just six months. 

Van Susteren anchored For The Record With Greta during the 6 p.m. time slot, but it never quite managed to catch on in the ratings. 

Greta Van Susteren on Her Show

In Quarter 2 of 2017, the series barely registered, settling for a meager 39th place among all shows. It’s an embarrassingly low figure, and many questioned how long the series would last with such low ratings. 

Her replacement will be Ari Melber, who is currently an MSNBC chief legal correspondent and weekend host. His show is slated to debut sometime in July. 

“We have enjoyed having her on our air, and we’re thankful to her and the show team,” MSNBC president Phil Griffin confirmed in a memo about the fate of the series.

Greta Van Susteren Photo

Greta confirmed her departure via social media and had some wise words to share. 

Greta was then quizzed by fans about the reasons surrounding her exit from MSNBC so soon, with some questioning whether the ratings were a factor in the network’s decision. 

“I wish I knew..the show was less than 6 months and I thought our staff put together a smart and fair show.”

One user went as far as calling Greta “bitter.” Wouldn’t anyone feel a little resentment towards their employer if they lost their job in an instant?

“Actually not bitter..merely surprised,” fired back at the troll. 

Greta Van Susteren Cover

“I am very fortunate-we should worry about those who lose jobs who don’t have options,” she replied to someone else who actually wished her well. 

On her future plans, Greta confirmed she had an app and book in the pipeline, but stressed that she did not know what else was on the horizon for her. 

“If anyone from a news organization calls, I will listen..otherwise will look to other projects,” Van Susteren wrote. 

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