At the beginning of the season, the best course of action inside the Big Brother house is to lay low and not create any waves. 

Unfortunately, Josh did not think like that and opted to betray several houseguests, proving he’s untrustworthy. For viewers, it was evident he could not get to grips with the pressure cooker that is Big Brother. 

Josh Martinez

The paranoia was getting to him, and it was pretty sad to watch him self-destruct on the screen like that. Here’s the thing: Cody would have likely welcomed him into his alliance, but now he knows better than to trust him. 

At the Head of Household competition, former winner, Nicole Franzel returned to host, and everyone was freaking out about it. Well, everyone aside from Kevin who played dumb and implied he did not know she was. 

The competition found the houseguests in teams of four, swinging across ropes to garner apples for their respective teams. Nicole revealed that there was an apple for safety for the sole houseguest who decided to take it. 

Megan Lowder

Josh was the person who decided to screw up his team members, and it resulted in an unexpected feud between him and Megan. The funny thing about all of it was that Megan was not even on his team. 

So, while he was on the outs with the rest of his team, he tried to throw the target Megan’s way and revealed that she said they should get a strong man out of the house. 

For what it’s worth, Megan is right, but she should not have said that in earshot of the other houseguests. She was called out in front of the house twice, and she teared up about it. 

Cody Nickson

Paul Abrahamian

The HOH competition came down to Paul and Cody. Both men agreed to keep the other safe. As expected, Cody emerged with the win and quickly revealed to viewers he was not planning on staying loyal to Paul. 

His reasons seemed to stem from his first class social game, and he genuinely has a point. Cody quickly rallied up a team that included Mark and Matt. That meant they were going the predictable route of having an all-male first alliance in the house. 

Megan already figured a male alliance was beginning to form, thus, making the target around her bigger. She failed to change things up when she spoke to Cody about his plans. 

Cody is making mistakes already. He is not associating with anyone aside from his alliance members, and that’s going to be problematic when someone outside his alliance winds up in power. 

Megan Lowder

Jillian Parker

Aside from that, the other small alliance seems to be falling apart. With Megan and Jillian placed on the block, the chances of both of them escaping it seem unlikely. 

Their only saving grace will be if Cody decides to throw Paul up on the block if the opportunity arises. Things are getting interesting, but there are just too many people in the house to get a good read on people. 

What do you think of it all so far?

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