AFLoaderTacoma, WA-( AFLoader, a company specializing in automated firearm accessories, announced the creation of a fully automated, hands-free, pistol magazine loading machine.

AFLoader is the first automated pistol “speed loader” and supports all double stack, single stack, and extended type magazines in 9MM, .40 and .45 calibers. The loader features removable ammunition hoppers, available in various capacities with as little as 100 rounds for a smaller desk footprint, to the largest consumer version at 2000 rounds.

Weighing in at only 5.5lbs, AFLoader is easily transported. The loader can be setup free standing with the included base and provisions on the back allow for wall mounting when a table or stable surface is not available.

AFLoader is fully programmable with built in memory. Up to 10 magazine types can be saved and recalled instantly through the digital display on the machine. The display also keeps a running count of how many rounds remain in the current hopper. The machine will operate on both 120v/240v wall power or 18V lithium battery packs, allowing a shooter to bring it along for a day at the range. At 2 rounds per second, AFLoader is faster than any handheld speed loader. The hands-free nature of the machine allows the shooter to continue training while another magazine is loading, never bringing you away from the action, even if you only have two magazines on hand.

AFLoader Reveals Automated Pistol Magazine Loader
AFLoader Reveals Automated Pistol Magazine Loader

AFLoader will be launching a crowdfunding campaign July 7th 2017 on Indiegogo. The base version, with (3) user selected hoppers, will be priced at $225 USD

About AFLoader:

AFLoader, located in Tacoma, Washington, is a start-up focusing on the advancement of automation in firearm gear and accessories, with the hopes of simplifying and enhancing the shooting experience. At AFLoader, we want to allow any shooter to train more efficiently and have a more enjoyable experience when shooting. We can be found on social media @AFLoader and after July 7th, 2017.