Kate Middleton pretty much goes wherever she wants.

If there’s an event the Duchess wishes to attend, you better believe tickets, invitations, and welcoming committees aren’t hard to come by.

It’s one of the many, many perks of marrying into a royal family.

Kate Middleton Explains Stuff

Kate is a big tennis fan, so not surprisingly, she’s usually in attendance at the sport’s most prestigious tournament, Wimbledon.

But there was one year when two previously unimaginable events occurred:

1. Kate expressed a desire to do something and was greeted with a fast and firm no, and as a result …

2. Kate was nowhere to be seen at Wimbledon.

We know what you’re thinking – who would deny Kate Middleton access to her nation’s most famous sporting event?

Well, believe it or not, even future queen’s don’t live their lives with complete autonomy.

Kate Middleton with George and Charlotte

As we learned from the recent reports of Prince George’s tantrums, Kate, like every parent, is ultimately at the beck and call of her children.

So when she was pregnant with George in 2013, Kate made a number of lifestyle changes and sacrifices.

One of the most painful, it seems, was being forced to sit out Wimbledon.

In a new documentaty on the revered tournament, Kate reveals that her doctor forbade her from attending the famous match in which Andy Murray beat Novak Djokovic to claim one of the tennis world’s top prizes.

“I was very heavily pregnant. I wrote to him [Murray] afterwards saying sorry for not being there,” Kate says in the doc.

She adds that when she begged the doc for permission to attend, replied with a firm “definitely not.”

Kate and William Laugh

A few weeks later, Prince George entered the world, and once he cools it with those tantrums, he’ll be able to attend every Wimbledon for the rest of his life.

So the story has a happy ending.

Of course, we guess that’s true of every story when you’ll one day preside over one of the planet’s biggest empires.

It’s good to be the future queen.