Every weekday morning, I sit down at the computer and I wonder which political stories would be good to cover for the day. So much sh-t happens in every 24-hour newscycle, and I actually try to figure out which stories have some kind of pop-culture relevance, or media relevance, or are generally the most newsworthy. I was pleased this morning because the only thing I really wanted to talk about was Emmanuel Macron’s shady invitation to Bigly. But of course that pleasure was shot to hell the moment Emperor Bigly’s itchy Twitter fingers got on Twitter an hour ago. His aides must have left him unattended for a moment, so he started watching Morning Joe on MSNBC. And this is what he tweeted:

Twitter is going crazy with this right now. While I have no love for Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski, this is unacceptable. The misogyny, the unhinged bullying, the stupidity, the audacity of this baby-fisted mad man is not something I will ever want to understand.

Photos courtesy of Getty.