Star Magazine features Tori Spelling on the cover of their current issue, above, which I didn’t realize until I actually saw it in the grocery store. I got excited thinking Star might have some new information on Tori’s extensive debt and perhaps some pending legal issues. As you know, Tori owes tens of thousands in loans, in credit card debt and to the state of California and US government in back taxes. She’s facing several court cases and her bank account has been seized by the IRS.

Unlike the Teresa and Joe Giudice case, however, we do not yet know if Tori and her husband, Dean McDermott, committed tax or wire fraud and they haven’t been charged with anything like that. The Guidices went to prison for committing fraud, not for being in debt per se, so their case is different. Star doesn’t have much new information on Tori, but they do consult an expert who speculates that she could go to jail if she committed tax fraud. The expert makes it sound more likely that Dean could go to jail for nonpayment of child support. How often does that happen though? Plus I think if it gets to that Tori will find a way to weasel out of it. Star doesn’t have much that’s new, but they do add a lot of background details that I’ve missed or forgotten, like the fact that Tori’s new rental home has a sauna because of course it does. They also remind us that Tori could call on her mom, Candy, to bail her out and that she’s trying to do that. I think her fifth baby, born this March, was part of that plan.

It appears Tori and Dean’s mounting financial problems have reached the critical zero hour. “All their debts, which just keep growing and growing, have put them so deep in the hole that it seems there may be no way out,” an insider says. “But what’s truly scary is how much they owe the government. Having their money actually seized shows just how serious their problems are. Tori’s running out of options, and the walls are closing in.” The situation is so dire, sources insist, the mom of five could find herself serving time behind bars…

What it would take for Tori to go to jail
After years of out of control spending, however, the clock may be finally running out on Tori’s reckless ways, with the various entities demanding that she make good on what she owes. “Should Spelling continue to default on paying back the back loan in full, plus interest, the courts have discretion on punishments in situations like that,” NY-based criminal attorney Brooke Camhi tells Star. “While not the likely outcome, jail time certainly would be an option afforded to the court. At the moment this is not a criminal case. But if there is any kind of fraud happening, Tori could do time…”

Dean could go to jail for nonpayment of child support
Dean [has been found in contempt of court in his child support case with ex-wife, Mary Jo Eustace]. “He might have weaseled his way out of jail the first time, but if he doesn’t pay Mary Jo wahat he promised, he could still wind up behind bars…”

Tori is begging her mom for money
“Candy pays [Tori’s] rent, private school tuition for the kids and even stepped up after Tori maxed out her credit cards to buy groceries… I hear that Tori’s been begging Candy for a $700,000 loan to cover her debts, but she hasn’t agreed to that yet.”

[From Star Magazine, print edition, July 3, 2017]

It’s not surprising that Tori didn’t get the reality show she was hoping for, and even if she did you know she would blow that money promptly as well. She has a spending addiction that she’s admitted to but never addressed. She’s deep in denial and thinks that she’s owed her lifestyle. In her mind, given the way she grew up, she’s probably downsized quite a bit. She’ll tell you she shops too much but she’s refused to reign inher spending. It’s like they say about addiction, she’s got to lose it all before she makes a change.

At least she still gets Instagram endorsement deals. Also, she’s not a good advertisement for that sarong she made into a top (below). I bet it looks even worse when she stands up.

Oh look, she wore a Chanel cuff to Wonder Woman. If that’s authentic she could get at least $500 for it on eBay.