This ^^ is a copy of one of the FAKE NEWS magazine covers Donald Trump has plastered around his many golf courses around the world. For real. He had some Photoshop wizard toil away in Trump Tower, mocking up Time Magazine covers calling him the greatest or whatever. And this is the same guy who sits on Twitter every morning, bitching about fake news. Bigly, the fake news is coming from INSIDE THE HOUSE.

Speaking of, there was an actual, on-camera White House briefing yesterday. It did not involve Sean Spicer because, as know now, Sean Spicer “got fatter” (according to Steve Bannon). So Sarah Huckabee Sanders did Tuesday’s on-camera briefing and she was prepared! She called on the Breitbart White House correspondent first, who teed off a question about CNN and “fake news,” just like Huckabee Sanders had planned. She went on and on about “fake news” and how the media is completely unreliable, and how everyone should check out James O’Keefe’s latest sketchy “takedown” video of CNN. Sidenote: O’Keefe is the guy behind those “undercover” videos targeting Planned Parenthood, Democratic legislators and ACORN. He’s been repeatedly sued and his videos have been repeatedly called out as LITERALLY fake news. Then she went off about the “Trump-Russia hoax.” It all seemed like another episode in Bizarro-World Trumplandia, until journalist Brian Karem interrupted Huckabee Sanders to call her out on her bulls–t.

So who is this Brian Karem and why is he such a magical vision? How did he end up in the White House press briefing room, in a position to speak truth to fascist power? As it turns out, he’s a credentialed White House correspondent. Because the Bigly White House gives press credentials to Playboy.

Honestly though, I don’t hate it. Playboy, as an organization, has always stood for broad First Amendment rights (and First Amendment rights for broads). Playboy is likely appalled by the shady operating rules of the Bigly White House Communications shop, which really do resemble the propaganda wing of a third-world dictatorship. Brian Karem, everyday hero, also tweeted this:

Incidentally, Sarah Huckabee Sanders refused to take any questions from CNN’s WH correspondent. Petty is as petty does.

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