On Monday night’s season finale, Ryan Edwards delivered what may be the most shocking moment in Teen Mom history.

And we’re not even talking about his truly bizarre parking lot wedding to Mackenzie Standifer.

Ryan Edwards and Mackenzie Standifer Photo

No, we’re talking about the scene that took place on Ryan and Mackenzie’s drive to the wedding — the one where he was straight up nodding off behind the wheel.

We saw Ryan cruising along a highway with Mackenzie sitting on the passenger’s side in her big wedding dress.

His eyes began to close, and when she asked him about it, he said that it was hard for him to see with glare from the sun.

But then he started swerving, his head fell back, and she had to grab the steering wheel to prevent him from crashing.

That would have been horrifying enough, of course, but Mackenzie’s reaction made the whole thing even worse.

Because she didn’t seem alarmed or afraid, nor did she insist that he pull over so she could drive.

Ryan Edwards and Mackenzie Standifer Pic

She certainly didn’t call off the wedding after he put their lives in danger.

No, instead of doing something reasonable, she just looked angry and hit him when he started nodding off too much.

She also turned off the cameras, because their image is more important than their lives and the lives of the people around them.

But even though she turned off the cameras, she left their microphones alone — so we got to hear her ask him if he’s taken Xanax again.

Then, of course, when they managed to make it to the wedding in one piece, she was beaming while Ryan’s mother was sobbing.

And while Ryan was still nodding off — if you look closely, you can see his eyes are closed through much of the ceremony.

But today we’re going to focus on that terrifying pre-wedding drive.

And how Simon Saran is claiming that an MTV producer supplied Ryan with drugs right before that drive.

“Someone needs to open up an investigation on Kiki giving Ryan pills,” Simon tweeted yesterday.

“It’s really f-cked up! They could have died or killed!”

He’s referring to Teen Mom producer Kiki Malone — and this isn’t the first time he’s accused of her of having something to do with Ryan’s drug use.

Ryan Edwards Image

Earlier this month, he asked his Twitter followers if he should talk about Kiki “giving Ryan pills during shoots or save that for another day.”

This time around, someone responded to his accusations, telling him that he didn’t actually care about Ryan, he just wanted to distract everyone from how awful Farrah is.

Simon said that he does care, because “I had a close friend die from an idiot under the influence crashing into them as they were talking on the sidewalk.”

As much of a troll as Simon usually is about everyone on Teen Mom, it seems like he does genuinely care about some of the more serious bits of drama from the cast members.

Of course, we don’t know if he’s telling the truth about where Ryan gets his drug supply. Even if he is telling the truth, we have no idea how he’d know in the first place.

But he does have a point: it would be interesting to know how much MTV knew about his drug use prior to that insanely dangerous scene.