It’s been a rough few years for Lamar Odom, and it doesn’t look as though things will be getting easier any time soon.

Odom, of course, hit rock bottom when he overdosed at a Las Vegas brothel back in 2015.

While his recovery has been miraculous (doctors thought Odom would never awaken from his coma), it’s also been tremendously difficult.

Odom has relapsed and lost friends to overdoses.

Lamar Odom

He appeared to be on the verge of a reconciliation with Khloe Kardashian, only to have her cut ties due to his continued self-destructive behavior.

These days, Khloe is dating Tristan Thompson, and it seems she has no communication with Lamar whatsoever.

In a surprisingly candid new interview with Wendy Williams, Lamar reveals that Khloe’s family has followed suit by refusing to speak with him entirely.

The most difficult part of it all, Odom says, is the loss of his friendship with Rob Kardashian.

During his marriage to Khloe, Lamar became extremely close to Rob, but now it seems they haven’t spoken in years.

“We were close,” Odom tells Williams. “He has a child. I haven’t met his child yet or anything.”

Lamar with Khloe

Asked for his opinion on why Rob may have chosen to cut ties, Lamar speculates that it’ because of the way he treated Khloe:

“I don’t know. I guess maybe it’s because I hurt his sister too much. I have no idea. If she was my sister, I would have a problem with me too.”

Interestingly, Lamar says he no longer has any interest in reconciling with Khloe.

He also says he “didn’t take any drugs” the night of his hospitalization, despite toxicology reports that show cocaine and other substances in his system.

Watch a clip from the interview below: