Nisbet started her 69-mile trek at 7 a.m. without any sunscreen, but once she reached her first pitstop at 10 a.m., she applied SPF 30 all over her body and legs.

She thought the SPF 30 would be sufficient, telling BuzzFeed that, “It was only 10 a.m., and the sun wasn’t too high in the sky, so at that point I still felt OK.” When she reached her next pitstop at 27 miles, Nisbet said she could feel the backs of her legs burning. But she just applied more sunscreen and continued on.

If you’re absolutely terrified to go out in the sun now — don’t worry. Dr. Bowe notes that people shouldn’t fear the sun, but they do need to take care of their skin.

“Being outdoors feels wonderful, and is essential to embracing life, enjoying your family, and living a healthy lifestyle. The catch is, you just need to be safe and take care of your skin.”

Due to the agony of the burns, Nisbet said she hasn’t yet celebrated what she did accomplish that day. “I haven’t had time to be proud of the fact that I started, and finished, my first ever Ultra marathon, completing a distance of 69 miles!”

We hope she gets to experience that joy soon!