Miranda Kerr

When I saw this story this morning, I thought “wow, Taylor Swift gets up to some random-ass things these days.” But I learned the backstory and now I think it’s sort of cute. Her hair? Not cute, but that’s a conversation for another day. At last night’s NBA Awards, Russell Westbrook took home the MVP trophy. Someone organized a very special video for him: Taylor Swift congratulating Westbrook and joking that he taught her how to “shake it off.”

Taylor jokes:“Remember I was the one who taught you to play basketball. I was the one who taught you to dribble, to shoot hoops…I remember the first time you beat me at basketball. I was very upset, and you said… ‘You just have to shake it off.’ So essentially we have each other to thank for these careers. That’s why I’m a part of your congratulations video, because we just, we go back 20 years. Actually, we’ve never met. That’s a fake story, but I wish it were the truth.”

As I said, I was like “Random, thy name is Snake Emoji.” But it seems like Taylor did this video because Russell Westbrook has been a huge T-Swift fan for YEARS. For literally years, he’s been referencing his Swift-fandom on his social media, singing along with her songs on Instagram, and attending Taylor’s concerts. Russell Westbrook loves Taylor Swift, so she did something nice for him. I bet this video made him so happy.

Photo courtesy of Getty.