Royal Ascot Day 1

The Duchess of Cambridge was criticized last week for her “sheer”Alexander McQueen dress at Royal Ascot. The criticism wasn’t about the fact that she bought another “bespoke” white lace dress AGAIN, the criticism was that Kate was “flashing” again. I’m not feeling the criticism though – it was reportedly so hot at Royal Ascot last week that they lifted some of the wardrobe requirements so that people wouldn’t pass out from the heat. If Kate had worn her dress with a slip, she would have been burning up. I will say this though: even if she had this dress specially made for Royal Ascot, she should have put it on the backburner for another event, because the combo of high-neck, long-sleeves and lace is too much for a warm, outdoor summer event.

Meanwhile, did you hear the rumor that William and Kate hired another nanny? Nanny Maria – aka “the Spanish Nanny” – is still around, as far as I know. But sources claim that Will and Kate have hired a “supernanny” to work out some of the issues they’ve been having with the kids:

Prince William and Kate Middleton have hired a ‘super nanny’ for George and Charlotte, just three months before George starts school, according to Grazia magazine. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have previously described their son in interviews as ‘a little bit of a rascal’.

And sources have now reportedly told Grazia that Will and Kate have hired a ‘£250,000 super nanny’ for Prince George, 3, and Princess Charlotte, 2. The new nanny, who’s yet to be named, will work alongside George and Charlotte’s current nanny, Maria Borrallo, the source revealed.

The decision has come three months before George starts at Thomas’s School in Battersea, South London. The source told Grazia: ‘The new nanny is a graduate of Bath’s prestigious Norland College. She’s fluent in six languages and will speak to the children in French and Spanish, as well as using her skills as a qualified child behavioural specialist to help Kate and William deal with tantrums and other issues.’

[From Grazia via NetMums]

From what I gather, Prince George was a handful and a half when he was a baby and for the first few years of his life. But the vibe I’ve gotten is that George has chilled out a lot since Charlotte was born, and that Charlotte is more of a handful these days. I guess I believe that even with the combination of Kate, Carole and Spanish Nanny Maria, there’s probably a “need” for a supernanny. I mean, why not? My question is: who pays for the supernanny?

Duchess of Cambridge holding Princess Charlotte of Cambridge

Duchess of Cambridge holding Princess Charlotte of Cambridge

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