Businesses in several European countries reported falling victim to a massive ransomware attack on Tuesday.

A screenshot posted by digital security firm Symantec showed a screen with red text reading, “If you see this text, then your files are no longer accessible, because they have been encrypted,” and demanding 300 Bitcoin (roughly $700,000) in ransom.

A spokesperson for the security firm told BuzzFeed News the ransomware, known as Petya, is associated with a Bitcoin account which has so far received nine payments. The Symantec spokesperson said that the ransomware functions using the same vulnerabilities as a virus which struck worldwide in May.

Companies in the UK, France, Denmark, and Ukraine reported on Twitter that they had been targeted in Tuesday’s attack. The Ukrainian energy national energy distributor and an airport in Kiev were among those affected.

The attacks come in the wake of May’s major ransomware attack, WannaCry, which particularly affected the British National Health Service.

WannaCry infected more than 100,000 organizations in at least 150 countries, according to cybersecurity companies who are observing its spread across the globe.

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