Like this awesome advice that’s helped real people achieve big changes:

Eat more fat!

“This may sound counterintuitive but when trying to lose weight, many people make the mistake of cutting fat from their diet, which can leave them feeling super hungry, cranky, and less likely to stick to the plan long-term (which is key!). Adding in healthy fats boosts satiation and keeps you from noshing on simple carbs and sugar, or giving up too soon. Try to incorporate healthy fat throughout the day. I like to start my day with an avocado-filled green smoothie, throw nuts on my salad for lunch, and sip on a mid-afternoon turmeric latte.”

—Liz Moody, healthy food blogger and founder of Sprouted Routes

Commit to making just one meal a bit healthier.

“I often work with clients who want to do everything all at once. That works for some people, but most people need to start with just one thing. Ask yourself: ‘What’s the meal that will have the biggest impact if I change it?’ And start there.

Breakfast is usually the easiest to change because most people are skipping it or grabbing something that’s not super healthy out of convenience. The simplest way to change it is to make sure you’re getting a balance of protein, fat, and carbs. A couple whole eggs will give you your protein and fat. Add a piece of fruit or a half cup of roasted potatoes to give you some healthy carbs.”

Erica Giovinazzo, MS, RD, Head Coach and Nutritionist, Brick Los Angeles

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