“After splitting from my 6 year long relationship with my childhood sweetheart in my early twenties, I initially felt relief for a few months but then a couple months later the depression hit me….HARD! I spent most days moping about our student digs, until I decided to finally get around to putting a puzzle together — ironically given to me by my ex. It really helped me just get through the days and the sense of achievement when I finished it was awesome! I hadn’t just spent several months being miserable; I’d finished putting together a beautiful artwork puzzle of the amazing Einstein! :)” —b4fed44c93

“Crossword puzzles. I went through a truly terrible bout of depression and anxiety one winter and my family actually stayed with my parents while I was in the worst of it. My mom has always had crossword puzzle books around the house, and she would sit with me sometimes and we’d work on solving them together. It got my brain focused on something other than my depressed thoughts, and helped me get through panic attacks. I didn’t have to be physically active, which was good for when I felt so exhausted from the effort of just being.” —jennyp4b17105ef

“I like puzzles like word searches and sudoku. I prefer to have actually booklets rather than apps, because it’s nice to disconnect myself from technology every once in a while. Both were really good for coping with stress due to ACT/SATs. Or any stressful situation.” —curlygirly6