If you have a vagina, you’ve probably had a condom negotiation at some point in your sex life when, for whatever reason, someone didn’t want to use one. For the record, anyone who refuses to do something that will make you feel safe and comfortable during sex probably doesn’t deserve to have to sex with you.

That said, the female condom might make the whole condom negotiation thing easier. For instance:

Penis owner: “I don’t have a condom. Let’s just do it anyway.”

Vagina owner: “I have one! It goes in me but whatever it’s fine.”

Penis owner: “I can’t have sex with a condom. I’ll immediately lose my erection.”

Vagina owner: “No worries, I have a female condom. It goes in me, not on you, so you’ll probably be fine.”

Penis owner: “I’m allergic to latex.”

Vagina owner: “Interesting! I have a female condom, though. It’s latex-free.”

Penis owner: “Condoms never fit me.”

Vagina owner: *attempts to refrain from eye rolling* “I have a female condom. You’ll fit.”