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I see you, Lucifer’s Homegirl. I’ve really started to believe that Kris Jenner either knew & disapproved of Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy, or Kris didn’t know and she’s been playing catch-up all week. I’m even leaning more towards “she’s been playing catch-up all week.” I just don’t think Kris would have chosen to be in Milan when her youngest child announced her pregnancy. I mean, come on. Kris would have wanted to stage-manage that sh-t from Calabasas. But according to a new, eye-rolly story from Us Weekly, Kris knew the whole time and she was Kylie’s support system, jointly with Kim.

When Kylie Jenner learned she was expecting her first child with boyfriend Travis Scott, the 20-year-old reality star turned to her sister Kim Kardashian and mom, Kris Jenner, for advice. “Kylie was leaning on Kim and Kris,” a source tells Us Weekly exclusively. “And talked through her decision-making process regarding moving forward with this pregnancy, having the baby and what she’s going to do.”

Jenner was nothing but encouraging when her youngest daughter decided to welcome a child with Scott. “Kris is so supportive and she knew this was a Kylie decision,” says the insider. “They all wanted Kylie to make the decision for herself and to understand this is what it looks like, this is how your life will change, and Kylie gets that.”

As previously reported, the Lip Kit creator is about four months along in her pregnancy. “It definitely wasn’t planned,” a separate source recently told Us Weekly, adding that because Jenner and the “Butterfly Effect” rapper have been together just five months, she ultimately “had to decide if she was prepared, with or without his involvement.” Still, another source told Us that Scott is “thrilled to become a dad.”

In the end, it was her “incredible support system” that helped her make her decision. Says a fourth source: “Kylie’s take is that for everyone in her family, children have only made their lives better.”

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Us Weekly did a separate story on how Kylie’s pregnancy wasn’t planned, which this story basically recaps. To which I say… yeah, duh, of course it wasn’t planned in the traditional sense, like Kylie and Travis Scott decided ahead of time to try for a baby. Then again, the “unplanned” thing annoys me because if you’re boning without protection, guess what? You’re making a plan. As for Kris being SO supportive and motherly… I do not buy that at all. Kris was maybe that way with Kourtney and Kim, but Kris has never had much time for the youngest girls.

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