I don’t have high hopes for Flatliners. That doesn’t really break my heart as I thought the first one was just okay. Like the first film, though, I like the cast enough that I will probably see it at some point, most likely on my couch while eating pizza. The film’s lead, Ellen Page, is doing press so I’m grateful for that because I quite like Ellen. When she appeared on Conan O’Brien the other night, Conan brought up the fact that Ellen has many tattoos, which I did not know. When he asked how she decided what to get, Ellen said most of her tattoos were homemade and designed by her friends. Obviously ‘homemade’ and ‘tattoo’ are not words you hear together very often so Conan asked Ellen to describe what they were. Ellen went one better and showed a couple. It turns out that on her left bicep, she sports a tattoo that reads ‘WIIG’ and that is, in fact, for her friend and Whip It co-star, Kristen Wiig.

Huh. I’m kind of reevaluating my friends’ dedication to me since I am fairly certain none of them have inked any part of me on any part of them. Maybe I should start randomly autographing their forearms and suggest, “hey, that would make a great tattoo.”

I suspect there’s something more to the story that Ellen wants to keep private. Maybe Kristen gave her advice or counsel when Ellen really needed it and Ellen inked her name as a homage. If that’s the case, that’s really sweet. Most of us have these talismans in some form, don’t we? I have a few clothing items that once belonged to folks close to me that I wear like armor. I mean, I asked for it, I wasn’t sneaking around closets swiping stuff.

If I am being honest, there is something fascinating to me about Kristen’s last name. I think it’s the double ‘I’ and the fact that it’s only four letters. Like, half her name is ‘I’s. Visually, it’s engaging to me and I linger on it whenever I read it. So, when Ellen joked, “I don’t know her at all, it just seemed like a nice gesture because I’m a big fan,” I believed her. (I forgot all about Whip It) It’s cool. I like it but it does also kind of look like Ellen got bored in math class and started doodling on her arm. I wonder if that’s the intent?

At least it’s a tiny version of her last name and not a portrait of Kristen’s face. I mean, that’s Drake’s MO, right?

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Oh, would you look at that – a photo of Ellen with an adorable Diego Luna giggling in it – whatdoyaknow
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