Mojo TV Electronic Duck Decoys
Mojo TV Electronic Duck Decoys

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USA-( A few months ago, preliminary measures were taken in Pennsylvania to legalize the use of electronic hunting devices like MOJO spinning wing decoys for the 2017-18 hunting season.

On Tuesday, the Pennsylvania Board of Game Commissioners announced that it has given final approval for the use of motorized decoys.

This is a turning point for the waterfowl community as MOJO spinning wing decoys, like the all new King Mallard, are a must in effectively adding motion to your spread and attracting fowl from long distances.

“We’ve offered non-motorized decoy options for years but this decision will be a great benefit to the Pennsylvania waterfowl community,” says Stevie Fry, Marketing Director at MOJO Outdoors. “We will now be able to share our successful practices and products with a heavy waterfowling state and help bring great hunting and conservation success to a broadened consumer base.”

This final decision comes from a persistent interest from sportsmen and women. Many legally use motorized decoys in states surrounding Pennsylvania and have noted that they do not have a negative impact on those states, specifically on the wildlife or for fair chase.

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