Christina El Moussa has sat down for an interview in which she can neither flip nor flop when it comes to providing important answers.

First, In Touch Weekly asked the HGTV star whether she could ever see herself walking down an aisle and exchanging vows again.

Christina El Moussa, All Made Up

The home-flipping guru split from husband Tarek El Moussa in the spring of 2016 and has since gone on to date a trio of fortunate fellas:

  1. Her former contractor, Gary Anderson.
  2. NHL player Nate Thompson.
  3. And current beau Doug Spedding, a man she has known for over a decade.

This latest romance appears to be fairly serious, which prompted the aforementioned tabloid to pose the question: Will she get married for a second time?

“I love being married, but it’s not something I want to think about right now,” El Moussa responded simply.

Okay. Fair enough.

She and Tarek haven’t even been divorced for a year; it makes sense that she can’t even wrap her mind yet around a second marriage.

But what about having a third child?

The reality star is the mother to a young son named Brayden and a toddler daughter named Taylor and is clearly quite smitten with her kids.

She often poses alongside these small people on Instagram, while she and Tarek have constantly said that co-parenting in a healthy environment is their top priority in life.

Christina, Tarek, Daughter

“I have two amazing kids,” Christina told In Touch, yet she then made it clear that this doesn’t mean she’s in the market for any more.

“I’m done,” El Moussa added of having children.

While Christina and Tarek are no longer a couple, the two have no intentions of stopping their roles as business partners.

They’ve actually expanded their quasi empire and will soon work behind the scenes as producers on upcoming HGTV programs.

“Working with Tarek comes easy for both of us,” she says, adding:

“We have worked together for 12 years and we will continue to work and co-parent together. We have a lot of fun (both on and off camera) flipping houses.”

El Moussas

HGTV has cleared Tarek and Christina to continue filming Flop or Flop through the end of 2017 at least.

Moreover, the network has given the green light to multiple new versions of the franchise in different cites around the country.

Tarek and Christina won’t be involved in these spinoffs, but they will be involved in each other’s lives for a very long time to come.

What choice do they have when they have two small kids?

“We told Taylor, ‘Mommy and daddy are going to be better parents for you and your brother apart. But we will always be here for you and your brother,'” Christina says of how she broke the divorce news to her daughter, concluding:

“And we have made sure to always stay positive in front of the kids.”