Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue is a pretty big deal for a commercial model. I think finding out you get to be in that issue would be news you’ve practiced receiving from the moment you began your career as a model. Sailor Brinkley-Cook, the daughter of Christie Brinkley and Peter Cook, is such a model. Actually, I’m not sure what kind of model she wants to be, commercial or fashion, but she did appear alongside her mother and sister last year in the magazine’s 2017 Swimsuit issue. I’m not trying to take anything away from Alexa and Sailor but I have to assume the “get” for that issue was Christie. But not this year. Sailor, it was just announced, will be appearing on her own as a rookie model in next year’s issue. To let Sailor know, SI set up a phony interview scenario, which Christie ‘crashed’ too tell her the big news. You can watch the whole thing and all the emotional reactions on their website and below:

Again, I’m sure this is huge news for a model-hopeful to receive. But is anyone that surprised that Christie Brinkley’s daughter will appear in the SI Swimsuit Issue – again? I mean, even SI is running with the headline “Christie Brinkley daughter becomes a SI Swimsuit Model.” Congratulations to Sailor for getting a solo spread but didn’t we all accept this as a foregone conclusion? I guess Sailor didn’t, though because she’s clearly excited. I’m sure she’ll look amazing and I generally think the SISI is a beautiful issue. The photoshoot will be in Aruba – gawd, what I wouldn’t give to be in Aruba. Maybe I can hold the lighting shields.

Since I’m already being salty; I get that this was a spectacular way to break the news – having her supermodel mother surprise her with it on video as everyone rushed out and cried. But isn’t one of the best parts of getting good news getting to tell people about it? I still love calling my parents when I have good news. I pout a little over the fact my kids are old enough to call their grandparents about various accomplishments so I don’t get to. However, this is particularly newsworthy because Sailor will be the very first second-generation model for SI so I guess that’s why they went to all the trouble. Still, in most of their promo shots, it’s Christie taking pics of Sailor in her swimsuit. So sure, she’s passing the baton and all that but this is supposed to be Sailor’s moment, right?

I don’t like that swimsuit they gave her either. Although, if it was my ticket to Aruba, I’d suck it up.




Photo credit: WENN Photos