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Zoe Kravitz covers the October issue of British Vogue. I guess British Vogue’s quiet diversity project is going well – it’s a rare thing for any woman of color to appear on the cover of British Vogue or American Vogue. As for what she’s promoting… I think she’s supposed to be talking about Rough Night, which came out here in America a few months ago, but only went to Britain at the end of August. Your guess is as good as mine – it’s possible she’s not promoting anything specific. Zoe chatted with British Vogue about how America feels like Bizarro-World and how she feels removed from her own Millennial generation.

The Trump presidency: “[It’s] dark. It’s beyond farcical. It’s not funny, but you almost have to laugh. I just called my mum and we were talking about Trump firing the head of the FBI, and we both started laughing.”

Her parents: “Seeing people always wanting something from my parents, or from us – as a small person I built a lot of walls. I was the tiny gatekeeper. That probably came from trying to protect my parents, especially my dad who’s so nice to everyone. He lets people in. But I have a fiery side. I can be confrontational.”

She feels like she’s between Generation X and Generation Z: “I love how the younger generation are so awake, so empathetic, so sensitive, but still I’m a little removed from them, so I can make jokes like, oh no, I just called someone ‘a man’ without first checking that they identified as a man…”

[From British Vogue]

Zoe is 28 years old, which is… Millennial, yes? The Millennial generation is usually defined as the generation born 1980 to, like, 1999 or so? Which I don’t agree with – people born in 1980 have a completely different outlook and cultural (pop-cultural) background than someone born in the 1990s. Just this year, I learned of a new generational category and I’m dying for it to catch on: Xennial, defined as the “micro-generation in between Generation X and Millennial.” You have to be born between 1977 and 1983. I’m Xennial – I’m not tech-saavy but I’m not a luddite. I didn’t grow up with social media. The defining moment of my late teen years was Bill Clinton’s impeachment. But I’m also too young for a lot of Gen X stuff. When I read about Xennials, I finally felt understood from a generational standpoint. Anyway… Zoe is not Xennial. She was born in 1988. She’s flat-out Millennial, although I’m sure there are gradations of the Millennial experience. Like, maybe the Millennials born in the late ‘80s feel a lot different than Millennials born in the late ‘90s.

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Photos courtesy of British Vogue and WENN.