For some people, grocery shopping is a mundane task.

For others, it’s a vital undertaking that simply CANNOT be messed up.

Take Era Golwalkar, for example. 

She and her husband, Gaurav, take turns heading to the supermarket each week… and Era finally had it with some of the mistakes Gaurav had been making during his excursions.

As a result, she didn’t just provide him with a basic shopping list; she included very specific descriptions, diagrams and bullet points.

The list has gone viral for understandable, hilarious reasons, while also giving us an opportunity to include other social media interactions between significant others that center around grocery shopping.

Scroll down to find out just how sensitive of a topic this can be…

These are the Golwalkars

These are the Golwalkars

They live in Pune, India and Era told The Huffington Post that she is a “foodie” who “lives to eat,” while her husband doesn’t prioritize food, exactly, and “eats to live.”

It’s a Problem… with THIS Solution!

It's a Problem... with THIS Solution!

Era handed her husband a grocery list that is nothing short of epic. Just look at those details!

A Closer Look

A Closer Look

HA! Check out those potato drawings.

“Good Leaves, No Holes”

The heart at the end is key. This list was made with love.

Twitter Can’t Get Enough of This List

Twitter Can't Get Enough of This List

Maybe a 7? Possibly a 7.5?

A True Cook Cares

A True Cook Cares

And Era clearly cares. A lot.

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