A spokesperson for oBike told BuzzFeed News the company was urging users to treat bikes as if they would their own, allowing everyone to benefit from the service.

“Since our launch, we have had a few who abused our bikes either by dismantling them or throwing them into canals,” said the spokesperson.

“This was disappointing. But we had a few bright sparks. For every abuse case, there had been many more who exhibited positive riding behaviors.”

“Bike-sharing is still in its infancy stage now. As such, many cyclists are still not fully aware of the correct behaviors required to develop a socially gracious and courteous community of riders. This leads to issues such as the indiscriminate parking and vandalism. We are committed to engaging the public for ongoing education on cycling etiquette.”

“We see bike-sharing being integrated as part of the wider public transportation. It will operate as an essential but complementary service to the entire transportation network. We want to make sure we have a sustainable relationship with our Users, Public & the Local Authorities, work closely with the transportation providers and urban planners to offer oBike as the eco-friendly mode of transportation to support the current infrastructure.”