Taylor Swift's new video 'Look What You Made Me Do'

Earlier this week, there was some notable music industry news: after three weeks at #1 on the Billboard charts, Taylor Swift had been dethroned. Children, I remember a time when Taylor would sit at #1 for months on end!! So that was a big deal, I guess. Personally, I never thought “Look What You Made Me Do” was Taylor’s best song, or her most radio-friendly song. She seemed to know that too, which is why she released “Ready For It” just days after “LWYMMD,” and “Ready For It” is quite honestly the superior pop song. Still, it was “LWYMMD” which sat at #1 for three weeks, until it got dethroned by… Cardi B’s “Bodak Yellow.” Here’s “Bodak Yellow,” NSFW because of lyrics:

Cardi B is a former stripper turned reality star turned pop/rap star. She’s the very definition of “self-made” and “hustler” and she’s getting mad props inside and outside of the music industry. Cardi B is now the first female rapper since Lauryn Hill (!!!) to reach #1 on the charts with a solo track (meaning, there’s no Lil’ Wayne or Jay-Z cameo in “Bodak Yellow”). Ira Madison of The Daily Beast wrote an excellent piece called “Taylor Swift Couldn’t F*ck With Cardi B If She Wanted To” which included many gems like “as Swift and her fans age, and as her rivalries continue to pile up, she’s losing the sheen that most pop stars have early on in their careers where they can simply breathe on a track and rocket to #1 for weeks on end.” Madison also points out that Cardi B’s “Bodak Yellow” is a more inspirational song about not giving a sh-t about the haters, whereas Swift’s “LWYMMD” is more about Swift avoiding any kind of pop culture accountability.

So, basically, Taylor Swift knew she was beaten. And to her credit, Taylor was gracious in defeat. She sent flowers to Cardi B after Cardi dethroned her on the charts. SEE? PASSIVE-AGGRESSIVE SNAKE EMOJI 4 LYFE. No, I’m only joking. This was a lovely gesture from Taylor.

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