Have you ever sat down and watched Chrisley Knows Best?

Todd Chrisley is quite the character — we won’t argue with that. The family gets even more ridiculous when you learn that they’ve filed for bankruptcy within the last decade.

Internet sources indicate that Todd Chrisley is actually several million dollars in debt. Whoops.

But that does not mean that the Chrisley family isn’t still enjoying the high life. Savannah Chrisley, Todd’s 20-year-old daughter, clearly delights in her lifestyle.

And you know who loves Savannah? Instagram.

Her Instagram popularity isn’t a mystery — she has a fondness for selfies and also rocks some, shall we say, spicier looks from time to time.

Oh, and she talks a lot about how important it is to love yourself. That’s a message that more 20-year-old girls need to hear.

But we cannot stress enough that Savannah really knows how to take a photo. Have a look at some of her most gorgeous pics!

She can rock some supervillain cleavage

She can rock some supervillain cleavage

Savannah doesn’t always rock her cleavage out in the open but when she does, she wears it well.

No, she’s not topless

No, she's not topless

Savannah wants to assure everyone that she’s in a strapless swimsuit and hasn’t suddenly become an exhibitionist at what is clearly a large pool visible to many people. Noted.

Her hair can change from day to day

Her hair can change from day to day

Better call Savannah Chrisley with the big hair? Okay, it’s not THAT big.

Savannah and Todd … Twins?

Savannah and Todd ... Twins?

Savannah and her father don’t really look like twins, but you can see the resemblance.

What a gorgeous view … of the water!

What a gorgeous view ... of the water!

Nice how Savannah dyed the ocean to match her swimsuit. Okay, maybe that’s not how it went down.

Don’t focus on the ring …

Don't focus on the ring ...

No, Savannah isn’t showing off a ring. Mostly. She’s apparently just super pumped about Scotty McCreery’s music. And yet she looks like she’s dancing to “Single Ladies.”

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