Kim Kardashian has become the first member of her family to speak on Kylie Jenner’s shocking pregnancy.

Has she sent her sister best wishes? Confirmed the due date? Suggested baby names?

Nope, nope and… would anyone really take advice from Kim on baby names anyway?!? 

Kim Kardashian for T Magazine

A few days after the Internet was rocked by the scoop that Kylie is pregnant with Travis Scott’s baby, Kim has come out and slammed a couple stories associated with this development.

She’s basically labeled them as Fake News.

First, there was the People Magazine article that alleged Kim was taken aback by her sibling’s big announcement.

And not in the positive sense.

This post quoted a source who said Kim “didn’t respond well at first” to Kylie’s pregnancy reveal.

“Her reaction was, ‘Seriously?'” an insider told the outlet, adding:

“It’s like she and Kanye had gone on this whole journey to get pregnant for months, and now this happens to Kylie. She teared up. It definitely took a lot of time for her to process it.”

(Kim has been open about her difficult pregnancies and is using a surrogate to welcome a third child early next year.)

In response to a Harper’s Bazaar Tweet about this report that’s captioned, “This sounds like a very awkward conversation..”, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star wrote:

“This sounds like a very fake story… “.”

kim clap back

On Monday, meanwhile, The Sun claimed that Caitlyn Jenner had confirmed Kyle’s expecting state by simply saying her daughter got knocked up “some time ago.”

Another story alleged Caitlyn is unhappy about this development because she thinks Kylie is too young to be a mother.

Has Caitlyn really expressed either of these sentiments?

Not according to Kim Kardashian.

“And speaking of fake stories… The media is super shady for posting fake quotes from Caitlyn when she hasn’t spoke to anyone,” she Tweeted.

kkw tweet

We appreciate Kim standing up for herself with the first response above and for her step-father with the second.

But we can’t help but notice something else about these Tweets:

They did not deny Kylie is pregnant.

Granted, at this point, with so many reliable outlets, publications and sources confirming the news, there’s no real doubt about its legitimacy.

Still, though. While Kim was aiming to shoot down some misleading narratives, she has also managed to confirm the most important story of all here:

Kylie Jenner, at age 20, really is pregnant.

And that’s not all for the family!

As previously noted, Kim and Kanye West are expecting a little girl via surrogate, reportedly in January.

Moreover, Khloe Kardashian is also pregnant!

It’s incredible, but true, as news broke on Monday evening that Khloe and Tristan Thompson are expecting their first kid some time early next year.

Just like Kylie – and just like Kim for her first pregnancy and Kourtney for all three of hers – Khloe is not married.

She’s in a serious relationship and everything, but we’re still just saying. How come no one in this family can ever have a child in wedlock?!?

Kylie and Khloe K.

Partial judgment aside, we’re extremely happy for Khloe.

She has spoken candidly over the years about her trouble conceiving and her desire to start a family.

It’s clear she loves Thompson a lot and it’s clear her future son or daughter will grow up in a healthy household.

We hope the same holds true for Kylie. We have a few more doubts, considering her age and the tenuous state of her romance with Scott.

But for all the reasons we criticize the Kardashians and Jenners, we try never to say a word about their children or their ability to parent.

It’s a challenging job and they all seem to do the best they can with it.

So… congrats to both Kylie and Khloe! We wish you well.