In probably the longest-running Kardashian/Jenner rumour in the history of the show, the family kept their fans guessing for an entire year as to whether Kylie Jenner had undergone lip fillers. Reports first emerged in March 2014, with Kylie denying the allegations on Twitter.

Then, on two separate occasions in October, both Kim and Kylie herself publicly denied the rumours. One month later, during a red carpet appearance, Kylie again brushed off questions about her lips. In January 2015 she gave an interview to Cosmopolitan in which she said her changing appearance was down to “contouring” and “getting older”. She reiterated the statement in an interview with Grazia in April 2015.

But then the teaser trailer for Season 10 of KUWTK arrived, showing a scene in which Kylie was anxious after being asked about her lips by a reporter, and it became clear that the reports would be handled in the upcoming season. In fact, we received an entire episode devoted to Kylie’s lips, which made clear that rather than give the exclusive to a magazine or red carpet reporter, the family reserved the confirmation that she had had lip fillers for the show.