Kelsey and Garrett parted ways a mere few weeks ago, and Kelsey wasted no time in striking up a relationship with Alex, so why was she mad about Garrett moving on?

That was the big question when Siesta Key Season 1 Episode 9 got underway. After Garrett called Kelsey to let her know Juliette revealed all about her and Alex, Kelsey went on a mission to get some details. 

Garrett and Juliette on Siesta Key

Kelsey arrived at Juliette’s, but Juliette did not even think she deserved to be invited into sip on a cocktail. Instead, the two women bickered in the parking lot about who was in the wrong. 

If you watch Siesta Key online, you will already know that the relationship between Garrett and Juliette came out of absolutely nowhere, so it seems like they are both in it for the revenge. 

Chloe put Kelsey in her place about the whole thing when she went to work whining about it. Here’s the thing: Everybody told Kelsey what would happen if she got with Alex. 

Chloe Trautman Poses

There’s a pattern here, and Juliette and Madisson had already been caught in the crossfire, so Kelsey should have known not to get involved with him. 

We’re not buying the whole schtick about her being young and making mistakes because that’s all she seems to say whenever she is caught out for acting sketchy. 

There was a completely bizarre scene with Alex talking about his relationship with Madisson, and you could tell every single person was uncomfortable. 

It’s so obvious the producers are trying to make the whole Alex/Madisson angle work, and it’s not going to. It’s best to leave this pairing in the past and move on. 

Alex Kompothecras

The drama scaled new heights when everyone made their way to the Beach Club to support Paul. But, it’s mind-boggling why anyone would want to be associated with him. 

All he seems to do is self-destruct and complain to everyone else about his life being so bad. Like, he had a horrible childhood, but he needs to move on and stop the past from wrecking his future. 

Not helping matters was the fact that the microphone kept dropping when he was rapping, but it seemed so clear he was the one pressing the button. Even Juliette thought so!

We at THG would like to thank whoever urged him to turn the microphone off. 

Kelsey Owens Wears Black

Was it an elaborate ruse to throw some much-needed drama into a tame episode? Probably, but it was a resounding failure. It was nice of Chloe to try and make nice with him. 

In the end, Kelsey flipped out at Garrett for getting close to Juliette right in front of her. Garrett was not fazed because of all the rumors he heard about his ex-girlfriend and Alex. 

With one episode left, there’s no telling how the whole thing will end. Everyone seems to be at odds with one another for some strange reason. 

Garrett Miller Dodges Hurricane Irma

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