Prince William Milton Keynes

Some days, I really do wish we could start a Celebitchy Caption Contest, because I’ve come up with at least five good captions for the above photo. Caption: “William and Kate Facsimile Join Local Festivities.” Caption: “William Apologizes for Not Bringing His Wife by Bringing Her Latest Unfortunate $3000K Frock.” Or simply this: “William and Kate In Milton Keens, or rather Keynes.” Put your caption ideas in the comments, and I’ll reward one of you with… I don’t know, an internet hug.

William was actually doing a solo outing on Tuesday, celebrating the 50th anniversary of the town Milton Keynes (KEEN). He unveiled something and stood around and I can’t help but wonder if William’s newfound work-keenness is related to Prince Harry’s now inevitable engagement. We’ll never know! (We’ll totally know.) Meanwhile, please enjoy this story about the representative for W&K’s Kensington district wanting Will and Kate’s royal funds radically slashed:

Prince William and Kate Middleton, known as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, are “ridiculous” and should lose their public funding, the lawmaker who represents the royal couple’s West London district has said. Emma Dent Coad, elected this spring to represent Kensington as a left-wing Labour Party member of parliament (MP), laid into her two famous constituents and the “whole system” of the British royal family at a party conference event, Sky News reported.

“Their MP thinks the system is ridiculous,” she told an audience at the event on the fringes of her party’s most important annual meeting. “We should not be funding them.”

Dent Coad also said that it was “disgusting” that the Duchess had bought jumpers for the sum of £150 ($201) each. “That’s a food bill for a family of four,” she said. “That’s absolutely outrageous.” Dent Coad also criticized Britain’s national broadcaster, the BBC, calling it: “A piece of the whole propaganda machine.” She lashed out at its “sickeningly gratuitous coverage of anything royal” and accused it of being “very heavily directed by right-wing politics and the monarchy.”

The royal couple are based in Kensington Palace, which falls within the Kensington parliamentary constituency. Unlike the queen, the pair do not actually receive a direct “sovereign grant” from the government. Instead, they receive income from the Duchy of Cornwall, which is a private royal estate established by Edward III in 1337. But some sovereign grant funding is used to pay for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s official travel, and to maintain Kensington Palace.

An area with much extreme wealth, Kensington also has pockets of deprivation. Grenfell Tower, an apartment block that left dozens of poor residents dead and hundreds more homeless when it burned down in a huge blaze this summer, is also in Dent Coad’s constituency. Dent Coad’s victory in the area was a surprise, as the constituency is normally represented by the right-wing Conservative Party.

[From Newsweek]

I’m actually all for the “off with their heads!” rhetoric because SOMEONE has to say it, and it’s perfect that the person saying it is the MP for the Kensington area. The royals spend too much bloody money on stupid things, and yes, taxpayer money is going directly into the upkeep and bad interior design of Kensington Palace. Taxpayers are not technically paying for Kate’s increasingly expensive and increasingly bad fashion though – blame Prince Charles for enabling the Cambridges by funding their lavish lifestyle. Charles is the one who needs to start setting some spending boundaries.

Prince William Milton Keynes

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