Ivanka Trump is all smiles in New York City

Yesterday, we discussed the fact that Jared Kushner has been using a private email account ever since the election, even when he’s physically in the White House at work. BUT HIS EMAILS. The emails – those damn emails – were such a big f–king part of the criticism Donald Trump and his people had for Hillary Clinton. And now it turns out that Bigly Clampett’s precious son in law likely violated federal law. Wasn’t that the argument, that Hillary BROKE THE LAW and that’s why we needed to LOCK HER UP? Well, guess what? Daddy’s precious surrogate wife Ivanka Trump also used/uses a private email. Because words mean nothing now.

Ivanka Trump, the first daughter and adviser to the president, used a personal email address to communicate with a government official after her father took office, according to documents that the nonprofit American Oversight obtained through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and shared exclusively with Newsweek.

The documents show that on February 28, Trump—identifying herself as Ivanka Kushner—emailed Linda McMahon, the administrator of the United States Small Business Administration, from a personal domain. At the time, Trump was operating inside the White House in a nonofficial capacity. She wrote that she wanted McMahon’s agency and her staff to “explore opportunities to collaborate” on issues related to “women’s entrepreneurship.” She copied on the correspondence the government email addresses of two other federal employees, Dina Powell and Julie Radford.

Trump became an unpaid federal employee in March. But multiple government ethics experts say she likely could have had access to a White House email account in February, given that she is first daughter. Radford, her chief of staff, had a White House email address at the time.

Ivanka Trump was sitting in on White House meetings around the time she sent the email, including one between her father and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and a gathering of the business advisory council.

[From Newsweek]

As I said in yesterday’s Precious Jared story, I feel like someone (sniffs, taps nose, points at Steve Bannon) is pointing all of these watchdog groups to the private email accounts. Someone (cough) really has it out for the Precious Kushners. The executive director of American Oversight, Austin Evers, told Newsweek: “Yet again we see that there’s one rule for the Trump family and another for everyone else. It’s simply breathtaking that both Ivanka and Jared Kushner would conduct government [work] on a personal email account after running a campaign centered on that very issue. The fact that they would brazenly ignore rules governing email use raises even more questions about their judgement and fitness to hold positions in the White House.” Meanwhile, a White House spokesperson is doing half-assed damage control, basically saying that because Ivanka wasn’t technically a federal employee on February 28, that she’s in the clear. Please, Steve Bannon, send copies of all of the emails you got from Javanka in April, May, June and July. Please.

Ivanka Trump is all smiles in New York City

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