Kanye West cracks a smile outside the Iceland Ice Skating Center

I once wrote a post called“Can Everyone Stop Calling Nine-Months Pregnant Jessica Simpson ‘Fat’? Please?” I meant what I said back then, just as I mean it today. We need to stop calling people “fat” for the love of God. Just in general, we need to stop doing that as a society. We especially need to stop doing it when someone is A) pregnant, B) knowingly battling some kind of mental health issue, C) NOT EVEN FAT.

So, last week, Kanye West was photographed out and about with his family. Kanye has actually been popping up in public and getting pap’d more frequently over the past month or so, but I guess last week was the first time most people were paying attention, and it was mostly about Saint West being a little cutie. Once people saw Kanye out and about at the ice-skating rink, they were like “wow, Kanye seems a bit bigger.” Except that many of those people were actually saying that Kanye is “fat” now. Look at him. He’s not fat. Look at him! He’s gained, what? Like, maybe 20-25 pounds, if that. I also reject this notion that we should say he has a “dadbod” now.

I’m not sure if people realize this, but Kanye is a very healthy eater/fitness guy. He’s had a full-time chef for his family for a long time – the guy even worked for him when Kanye, Kim and the babies lived with Kris Jenner – and he also employed (and possibly still employs) a trainer. I’d be willing to bet that Yeezy is still in pretty good shape physically. Add to all of that… isn’t it more than possible that he’s gained a little weight because he’s being properly medicated now? Almost a year ago, Kanye had what I consider to be a nervous breakdown, and he has apparently been under better mental health care in the past year. He hasn’t given any crazy interviews, he hasn’t tweeted out a bunch of nonsense, and he’s been working quietly and spending time with his family. Let’s celebrate that instead of calling him “fat” okay?

Kanye West grabs lunch at Sugarfish with a music associate

Kanye West grabs lunch at Sugarfish with a music associate

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