Sean wrote, “Matthew Damon.” Debra wrote, “Matt Damon.”

SH: Because Matt and I used to play softball—

DM: Do you realize how many episodes we had and how many people came on our show in eight years?!

SH: Yes, and we loved all of them!

DM: Oh my god I can’t believe we got it!

SH: But the only thing is, Matt and I used to play softball right, like on this little team in Santa Monica and I just asked him one day I’m like, “Hey, do you wanna do the show?” He’s like, “Okay.” And that was it! And so we did the show. I only didn’t think you were gonna say that because he was more your storyline than [mine], well, I guess he was both.

DM: No, he was the choir!

SH: Yeah, he was both. But he dated you.

DM: He did. I tried to seduce him.