By John Farnam

New York Times Street Crews
New York Times Street Crews
Defense Training International, Inc
Defense Training International, Inc

Ft Collins, CO –-( Who says our leftist media is agenda-driven and hopelessly dishonest?

NY Times editorialists, in attempting to describe the violent street-gang problem that is currently consuming Wilmington, DE, Baltimore, MD, et al, laughingly refer to unlawfully armed gangs of violent urban thugs as:

“street crews,”

…as if criminal gang-bangers were out there diligently filling pot-holes!

With self-conferred titles like, “Shoot to Kill,” these “street crews” must stay busy!

It strikes me that referring to aggressive, sociopathic gangs as “street crews” represents a deliberate deception.

Instead of identifying and condemning violent criminals, NY Times editors (and leftist counterparts at Chicago Tribune, LA Times, Washington Post, et al) apparently find it requires much less effort, and personal honesty, to just wail incessantly about “gun violence,” , and the very existence of our Second Amendment.

They are a disgrace!

“‘Media’ is just a word that has come to mean ‘bad journalism’” ~ Graham Greene


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