Emma Steveton, 27, was on the train, travelling from Wimbledon to Edgware Road when the incident took place.

“I got on the train, it was a normal train. The doors were closing and we heard really loud awful screams either from the carriage next to us or one along. There was lots and lots of screaming and people shouting run at the top of their voice.”

She said she got out of the carriage, and sprinted towards the exit. “It was a real stampede and crush. There were about three layers of people underneath me. It was awful.”

“There was a poor little boy smashed into the floor with his face bleeding and screaming. There was a woman shouting that she was pregnant.”

“The most traumatic thing was the weight of these bodies piling onto me and just thinking, ‘this is it, I’m going to die’.”

Stevenon said that station managers had told people to go back but the immediate aftermath of the incident was truly chaotic. She told BuzzFeed News she did not hear an explosion or see any flames – although she had seen a number of people injured.

“The injuries were cuts and grazes to the faces, just people looking like they had had their faces rubbed on the ground. It was just from the stampede as far as I knew.”

Stevenon said there was a huge police presence outside the station, and that she could also hear helicopters and see ambulances.

– Rose Troup Buchanan