Kailyn Lowry may still not know what to name her baby, but she knows that she loves “Baby Lo.”

Earlier this month, she shared a photo honoring her third child’s one-month milestone.

And now she’s shared a new picture, wishing him a good morning. He’s growing up so fast, you guys!

Kailyn and Family

Initially, Kailyn’s pregnancy with Chris Lopez’s baby was something of a mixed blessing.

On the plus side, she gets a super precious addition to her family.

On the down side, her ex-husband, Javi Marroquin, did not take it well. At all.

In fact, he went as far as to enter her home without permission to snoop around, which is a frightening thing for anyone to do — but especially for an ex.

Recently, though, it seems like Javi’s been mellowing out.

He’s been nice enough about Kailyn Lowry recently — even slamming Jenelle Evans in what some perceived as an indirect defense of Kailyn — that some wonder if Javi and Kailyn are back together.

It seems like they’ve at least warmed up to each other.

Maybe Javi has just had enough time to process that his ex got pregnant again and that this is something that happens in life. 

Who could stay mad about this little cutie?

Kailyn Lowry's Unnamed Son,

There he is! Little “Baby Lo.”

Kailyn snapped this photo this week, sharing it on Instagram and captioning it “good morning.”

He looks so cute! But, like, of course he does. He’s a baby.

(Babies are one of my biggest weaknesses. Also dogs. And cats)

More significantly, he’s growing up so quickly!

Just a couple of weeks ago, Kailyn shared this photo for his one month milestone!

Baby Lo

Baby Lo has visibly grown in such a short time!

It’s hard to believe that, for the longest time, Chris Lopez showed zero interest in being a father to their child.

He has shown up on Teen Mom 2 but, honestly, we’ll need to check back in, like, 10 years to see if Chris Lopez has been an actual father.

A cameo doesn’t cut it.

(We’ll also need to see if he’s a good father)

It seems that there’s been more to his reluctance than the fact that Chris Lopez is reluctant to be on camera.

Most baby daddies, even if they aren’t keep on assuming fatherhood, are happy to cash in on reality TV money.

Kailyn Lowry and Sons

As for baby names … it’s been more than a month and Kailyn just needs to decide.

Her other kids are Lincoln and Isaac — she knows what names are and she doesn’t even choose terrible ones.

If she can’t think of any name possibilities for baby number three, she should use an online baby name generator to choose 12 options and just choose from them.

If she already has a list but can’t narrow it down, she should get a circle of friends or maybe have a special episode and invite some experts over to coach her.

I’ll name her baby, if need be.

You know that she calls him “Baby Lo” after the last name of her baby daddy, Chris Lopez?

Like … “Lo” is also the first two names of “Lowry.” She’s so goofy.