6th Annual Hamptons Paddle and Party For Pink

Do you ever get tired of Tracy Anderson trashing her clients? You should, because she literally does it every few months like clockwork. I don’t understand why all of those rich women want to pay all that money just to work with her – it’s such a scam, first of all, and second of all, Tracy hates you and thinks you have a garbage body. She thinks she’s the only one who can transform your body and if your body is not transformed, it’s your fault. And no matter what, she’ll talk sh-t about you whenever she gets the chance. She trashes the moms who come to her for help because she says they have “disaster bodies” and they’re terrible people for not being able to take off the baby weight in a matter of weeks. She trashes her business partner Gwyneth Paltrow in interviews too, but Gwyneth is such a true-believer that she actually doesn’t care. Anyway, guess who Tracy is name-dropping in a new interview? Gwyneth. And Madonna.

When Gwyneth first started with Tracy, she wasn’t walking anywhere: “Bless her heart, she couldn’t do cardio,” Anderson says. “Literally she couldn’t go outside without the paparazzi being everywhere.” Her feet hurt during Anderson’s classes. “I had to get a mini trampoline for her and she was so cute.”

Parting ways with Madonna: “Well, I mean, I wouldn’t look to Madonna for psychological advice,” Anderson replies. Madonna wanted to keep performing, which was one thing, but Anderson says that she began turning away celebrities “who want to look 30 when they’re 50. I think that’s a problem . . . I’m a 42-year-old mother of two. I’m not getting my face tucked or nipped or whatever.”

She broke it off with Madonna: “Madonna can demand whatever she wants to demand, she’s Madonna, that’s just what it is,” Anderson says. “It wasn’t working for me because my demands are like, I have a kid. When I missed my son’s saxophone concert because of a training session with her, I was like, ‘I can’t do this any more.’ That was it for me.”

[From The Times via Jezebel]

First of all… Gwyneth came to Tracy around 2009, after Gwyneth gave birth to Moses. Gwyneth was living in London at the time and presumably she walked places? I mean, did Gwyneth, like, have a treadmill or an elliptical or a bike or something? The tiny trampoline, really? And maybe Gwyneth couldn’t do cardio because Gwyneth has been on a neverending “cleanse” for most of her adult life and she literally didn’t have the energy?

As for the Madonna stuff… it irks me that Tracy is trying to push this narrative that she broke up with Madonna. All of the reporting at the time was that Madonna broke it off with Tracy for many reasons. One reason was that Tracy latched on to Gwyneth, because Gwyneth is the “big fish” for con artists like Tracy. The other reason was that Tracy had started dating Philippe van den Bossche, the guy who possibly grifted millions of dollars from Madonna’s Malawi charity. It was a gigantic mess, and Tracy is acting like she dropped Madonna. No. Madonna dropped her.

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