It looks like Blac Chyna is already capitalizing on her former relationship with Rob Kardashian.

Sure, Chyna’s been a model since long before she hopped into bed with Rob, but now her star is brighter. Working moms need work.

But her latest gig — caressing herself while wearing lingerie in a rap video — seems like it’s part of a dig at Rob. You can see that video below.

Blac Chyna Hair Photo

So, there’s a rapper named Belly (he’s recently lost a lot of weight, by the way, and has documented his healthier habits on Instagram).

He has a song titled “P.O.P.”

It’s not a pop song — it’s rap. Or whatever.

“P.O.P.” is an anagram that stands for Power Of Pussy.

Belly … is not talking about cats.

In the, uh, charming music video that you can watch below, he has a number of models dancing in lingerie and caressing themselves.

Like, it is not subtle at all.

One of those models … is Blac Chyna.

Blac Chyna in a Red Wig and Little Else

Now, Chyna is only in a limited portion of the music video.

Maybe it’s because she was a potentially distracting special guest.

Maybe it’s because she’s too famous and therefore too expensive to have for the whole video.

(This doesn’t look, to us, like a music video with a huge budget)

Blac Chyna’s segment, during which she caresses her breasts and hips and butt and, yes, her crotch, features some interesting lyrics.

“She took you for everything/You let her do it again.”

Now … that sure sounds like it’s intended to be a dig at Rob Kardashian, right?

Blac Chyna even winks at the camera and smiles.

TMZ reports that the lyrics are just a coincidence, and that the meaning is supposed to be more universal.

You know, referring to femme fatales in general.

But … casting Chyna for that role is really on the nose, you know?

Blac Being Blac

Plenty of people would say that, after Rob Kardashian’s revenge porn attack against her, Chyna deserves the chance to milk that story for everything that it’s worth.

Not everyone would agree, though.

Like, Blac Chyna has expressed an interest in co-parenting with Rob.

If that’s even still on the table, could her using her past with him for work put that plan in jeopardy?

Latest reports suggest that Rob and Chyna want to settle their differences (and issues like custody and child support) rather than going for the throat and putting it all in the hands of a judge.

That makes sense.

Like, if we were in Chyna’s shoes, we’d want to settle out of court and get a better deal in exchange for not pressing charges about the revenge porn.

Rob Kardashian is being represented by Bob Shapiro, who even in the ’90s had a reputation as someone great at negotiating favorable deals for his clients, but there’s only so much that negotiation can accomplish when someone has well-publicized ammunition like Chyna does.

Besides, it’s in both of their best interests to cut a good deal on Dream’s behalf.

They will always share a child.

Blac Chyna Selfie Alert

But there’s a difference between work and one’s personal life.

Chyna speaking out in interviews and making subtle (or not-so-subtle) digs at Rob in music videos sort of goes with the territory.

(Remember, Blac Chyna’s wants to do her own music)

Based upon his past behavior, it doesn’t really seem like Rob has the maturity to handle little callouts like that without lashing out on social media.

(Honestly, we know that he’s 30 or whatever but Kris Jenner should just take his phone)

But he’s just going to have to learn to live with it. That’s how life works.