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A couple of weeks ago, the internet was buzzing over the story of the two Kent State University students who kept a 3-year long “epic joke” running after connecting on Tinder and never actually meeting up, despite being mere miles away from each other. 22-year-old Josh Avsec and 21-year-old Michelle Arendas started messaging on the online dating app in September of 2014. Josh tweeted a screenshot of one of their conversations, which spanned the course of a few months on Twitter and the story went viral.

Good Morning America ran with the story and arranged for the couple to finally meet face-to-face a few weeks ago and Tinder ponied up to send them on a first date in the location of their choosing. The pair chose Maui and finally made good on their decision this past week. And, again, GMA was there to chronicle the awkwardness.

The show’s cameras followed the students on their epic “first date” at Maui’s Grand Wailea resort. Josh and Michelle were game, posing for plenty of photo op moments, including throwing coins into a lucky fountain, riding bikes around the resort and enjoying some tropical drinks by the pool.

In a statement released by US Magazine, the couple said, “We’ve had the most incredible weekend ever and can’t thank Tinder and Grand Wailea enough. We are excited to get back to Cleveland and continue to learn more about one another.” But, the GMA segment that aired on Monday tells a slightly different story.

When interviewed about what they thought about each other, Michelle noted that Josh was “always excited, always energetic” – and it really doesn’t seem like those are the qualities she’s looking for in a guy. To his credit, Josh did look incredibly happy to be there. And, as GMA was clear to point out, the two stayed in separate rooms during their Hawaiian jaunt. As for a second date, Michelle said there were no “concrete plans” and while Josh asserted, “We’re going to want to meet up again”, Michelle said the less definite, “I’m sure our paths will cross.” Whoops. Sounds like we’re not on the same page here. I think Josh just got relegated to the “friend zone.”

The GMA crew didn’t seem overly optimistic about the future prospects for this couple and neither am I. It was a cute story though. And, hey, they’re young and they got a free trip to Hawaii as well as their 15 minutes of fame. Cupid still has plenty of time to find them their other halves.

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Photos: Good Morning America/YouTube