World premiere of 'Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets'

On Monday, we discussed this Kendall Jenner story. Kendall attended an album release party in Brooklyn with friends, friends including her rumored boyfriend (??) A$AP Rocky. The party didn’t seem at all controversial, and I only really heard about it days after the fact, because of this connection to Kendall. The bar – Baby’s All Right – posted a receipt on their Instagram claiming that Kendall didn’t tip the wait staff/bar staff at the party. She ordered $24 worth of something (drinks, probably) and didn’t leave a tip… on her credit card. Well, Kendall has responded to the accusation that she’s a #NoTipper.

This goes along with what many of you theorized yesterday: that she left a cash tip and merely paid her bill on her credit card. Which is… strange. Why do so many of you do that? It sounded like about half of you do that regularly. What’s the issue so many of you have with charging the tip? I’m “old,” so I believe in carrying cash too, but even I charge the tip. It’s all or nothing with me – either I’m paying for everything (bill and tip) in cash, or I’m paying for everything on my card. Is this a Millennial thing that I don’t understand? Was there a Jezebel story on leaving cash tips?

Also: I sort of don’t believe Kendall. I don’t believe she left a cash tip, I really don’t.

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World premiere of 'Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets'

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