Paparazzi photos are Hilary Duff’s bread and butter, especially when she’s on vacation. She must be able to deduct her vacations as a business expense given how much she posts about them on social media and how often she gets papped on the beach. (She may need the write off too, considering that her home was recently burglarized while she was away in Canada.) So she knows the deal and she knows that trolls on Instagram as well as magazines and other sites are going to use her as an example for their “see, stars are normal!” stories. I’m not saying it’s right, just that it happens and she knows about it. Tabloids aren’t as obnoxious about it as they used to be, and they often praise her for being so fit and strong. We didn’t get the tabloids this week so I’m not sure which publication or blog she’s referring to here, but Hilary recently posted this photo (below) to Instagram defending herself against criticism. This is from a recent trip she took to Maui, right after she got back from Canada. Must be nice. Hilary’s message is the kind of “rah, rah let’s be proud of our bodies” post that gets her press, and she knows it. I mean she’s absolutely right about this issue but she has more than one agenda here. Sites are running headlines claiming that Hilary is calling out body shamers, but I’m reading this like she’s calling out the blogs and tabloids more specifically. Here’s what Hilary posted:

She looks great and has an enviable figure. I thought most of us had minor stretch marks like this and cellulite (not that she has any that I can see here). This is the effect of the very harsh lighting. This isn’t the first time Hilary has posted about body image. In February she put up a photo lounging in bed in her underwear and a t-shirt. Her legs are bent at the knee with one raised, and she wrote, in part “I’ve learned to love and celebrate myself, just as I am. I began to realize that my legs are STRONG and they carry me every. single. day.” That post was sponsored by the lingerie brand Aerie incidentally, although this one doesn’t seem to be a paid post. She has a similar message here about how her body is functional and is working well for her. I haven’t ever thought of it that way, but I’ve had health problems in my life and I try to be grateful when I feel well and when everything seems to working as it should. That’s a nice way to consider your body and your shape – that it’s working for you and that you can be thankful for that. These type of posts are also working to help Hilary keep her name in the press.




Photos credit: Backgrid and WENN