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I mentioned in yesterday’s post about Meghan Markle and Princess Diana’s psychic that there was an odd report from Hello Magazine claiming that Meghan flew to London one week ago. Hello seemed to have an eyewitness report, someone who had seen Meghan fly in from Canada. I didn’t know what to make of it because, honestly, I’ve gotten used to getting all of my late-breaking Markle news from her favorite outlet, E! News. E! News seems to get all of the big leaks out of Camp Markle, so it felt… odd that E! wasn’t saying much. Well, here we go:

This mother-daughter paid a visit across the pond. A source confirmed to E! News, Meghan Markle and her mom, Doria Radlan, hopped on a plane and headed to London last week. The Suits star, who has famously been dating Prince Harry for the past year, used the special trip to show her mom some of the sights of her beau’s native city. As E! News previously reported, she and the royal have spoken about living in London and Meghan “really sees herself moving” there in the future.

No trip to England would be complete for the ladies without some plans with Harry himself. “Doria, of course, spent time with Harry and Meghan together,” the source noted.

After nearly a week in the United Kingdom, the actress and her mother packed up their bags and Markle made her way home to Toronto to resume shooting for Suits.

The trip fell just a week ahead of the star’s 36th birthday today and around the time of their 1-year anniversary, so it certainly seems like it was the perfect time to pay Harry a visit. While she is expected to stay in Toronto through the week to film the hit series, as the insider noted, “She’ll be back in London before you know it.”

[From E! News]

Meghan brought her mom, but where did her mom stay? Every time she visits Harry, Meg has been staying at Nottingham Cottage within the grounds of Kensington Palace, but that’s apparently a pretty small place and I’m not sure there’s even room for a guest? I wonder if Meghan got a hotel suite or something? But that seems unreasonable too, because if Meg and her mom had been staying at a hotel, then the paparazzi would have gotten some shots of them coming and going. Hmmm… royal conspiracies!!

Anyway, this is how it starts. If Meghan is bringing her mom to London for a week, you know it’s because Meghan and Harry are completely on the engagement path. It would not surprise me at all if we learned that Prince Charles met Doria Radlan. It also wouldn’t surprise me if Doria was in London – in the future – when Harry and Meghan announce their engagement.

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