On being a woman:

“Double standards definitely suck, being sexualized also isn’t cool. When you’re in the public eye and people write stuff about you, they’re usually not as lenient with judgment as they are with men.”

On diversity in the fashion industry:

“The rest of the world, the racists, the homophobes, the sexists, they’re getting outnumbered by people with open minds. So this world has no choice but to embrace every one else’s beauty. Not just one idea of beauty. It’s such a broad thing, ‘beauty.’ You can’t put into just one template.”

On how to be brave:

“…stay educated, enlightened, and to stay true to yourself while facing everything that comes along with that head on.

On how she passes the time:

“Staying home with my dog pretty much all the time if I’m not working, reading is a great way to pass the time, hooked on all these new alien tv shows I’ve found, camping when I get the chance. That’s about all I do lol.”