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Hello Magazine claimed on July 28 that Meghan Markle had flown into London, undercover, to spend time with Prince Harry. Tomorrow is Meghan’s 36th birthday, and it makes sense that she would want to spend that day with Harry, although there’s a lot of confusion about A) whether Harry is in London right now and B) whether Meghan is actually wrapping on Suits in Canada right now. I don’t know. I just saw the Hello story and I thought you should know. Considering tomorrow is her birthday, it does feel like… if we’re going to get an announcement, it will probably happen soon, right? I’m getting that vibe too, that whenever she wraps on Suits (and perhaps she already has), she’ll be in London and an engagement announcement will happen.

Meanwhile, please enjoy this completely unhinged story from a psychic who claims that Princess Diana has spoken to her about Meghan, Kate and Brexit.

Princess Diana thinks the Duchess of Cambridge is “perfect” but does not believe Meghan Markle is the one for Prince Harry, the late royal’s former spiritual counsellor has claimed. Psychic healer Simone Simmons believes she still speaks to the princess from her grave almost 20 years after her tragic death. Ms Simmons would speak to Diana for up to 10 hours on the phone when the late royal was alive and says she still hears her voice speaking to her about everything from world events, family life and even Brexit. And in a shock claim Ms Simmons said while Princess Diana thinks the Duchess of Cambridge is her eldest son William’s perfect match, she believes Harry’s ideal woman is a past girlfriend.

The 57-year-old psychic, who is based in London, said: “It was a while ago when she did say who the right person was and Harry would know when it happened. Harry’s had other girlfriends in the past, but the one testing point would be whoever it was would be able to hold him up and keep him afloat. She thought one of them was a very good match but obviously it didn’t work. Maybe because she couldn’t take the pressure in the end.”

Ms Simmons had a five-year friendship with Diana and heard some of her deepest secrets. And as the 20th anniversary of her death approaches, Ms Simmons said: “We talked about everything and anything. It’s very strange how I can still hear her. It’s very weird. I hear her voice speaking to me about world events, and being desperately in love with her grandchildren.”

Diana was even worried about mother-of-two Kate “losing too much weight at one point,” Ms Simmons claims. She added: “But she’s more than happy with Kate. Perfect. She said what she wants for Harry is that she’s totally dependable, because he’s extremely sensitive.”

And in a bizarre claim, Ms Simmons said Diana has even shared her political views with her, revealing she would have backed Brexit during the EU referendum because Britain was “great” before it entered the Brussels club. Ms Simmons said: “I know a lot of people aren’t going to like it but she said we’ve got to vote for Brexit. Britain was great, economically and production wise and before we joined the EU. She was interested in the referendum and suggested I vote to leave because Britain was really great before the EU. That’s the only political thing she’s ever said – because she loved the country. She loved the monarchy even though she criticised it.”

[From The Express]

No. No, Diana is not speaking to this psychic from beyond the grave about Brexit and how Meghan Markle isn’t right for Harry. You know how I know? Because Diana speaks to me from beyond the grave and she tells me that she’s really into Game of Thrones right now and she can’t focus on anything else.

Prince Harry attends a Summer Holiday activity session in Newham, East London

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