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I really wanted to make the title to this story “Lindsay Shookus took Ben Affleck and his brother to the same comedy event she took Jon Hamm,” maybe adding “last year” at the end, but we only have a couple lines for our titles and have to keep them short. That’s the gist of it though, Lindsay was working to scout new talent for Saturday Night Live, for which she’s a producer, so she took Ben Affleck and his brother, Casey (who just got served divorce papers), with her to a SNL comedy event. It’s curious to me that Jon Hamm was her date to this same thing last year, well after she first hooked up with Affleck (according to sources) and likely when they were on a break. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong at all with dating, as long as you’re at lesat separated and she was around this time last year, just that it’s interesting. I bet she wouldn’t have minded being seen on a date with Jon Hamm. (Hey Corey!) Who would you rather end up with, Jon Hamm or Ben Affleck? We know they both have issues, but did Hamm ever talk mild smack about working hard on his relationship with his longterm now ex girlfriend, Jennifer Westfeldt? Maybe Hamm and Affleck are two peas in a pod.

Anyway US Mag has some quotes about what a great time they had and how Lindsay was busy working and it wasn’t a romantic date night. That Lindsay, such a high powered cool chick just waiting for Affleck to leave his wife finally.

Talk about a family outing! Ben Affleck and his girlfriend, Lindsay Shookus, were joined by the actor’s brother, Casey Affleck, during a night out in Hollywood on Tuesday, August 1.

The trio enjoyed the annual Saturday Night Live character comedy showcase at iO West comedy club, where Shookus, 37, was the guest of honor. “She was more in a work role, being a talent scout for SNL, rather than having a romantic date night,” an eyewitness tells Us Weekly of the SNL producer, who attended the same event last year with Jon Hamm.

Casey, 41, arrived at the venue approximately 10 minutes after Ben, 44, and Shookus, and took a seat next to his older brother. “Casey and Lindsay said hello to each other and then Casey and Ben chatted for a while,” the onlooker tells Us.

During their outing, the couple appeared to be in good spirits, though they did not show any PDA. “Ben and Lindsay were very kind to all the staff there, talking with the host, manager and those sitting around them,” the eyewitness tells Us. “The comedians were definitely excited when they heard Ben was there, but Lindsay was the one they were trying to impress. Ben, Lindsay and Casey were laughing throughout a lot of the performances.”

[From Us Weekly]

The article goes on to say that after this Ben and Lindsay went to that pizza place for dinner, which is when most of these photos were taken. No wonder Ben looked half in the bag when he got there. US also included a quote we missed earlier, from another story, stating that Ben will “be spending time with Lindsay, out and about. They have stuff planned for the summer. He’s enjoying spending time with her.” More pap pics and more quotes about how incredible Lindsay is will follow. Until he gets sick of her a few months in and pulls away. She’s used to that though, she knows how to keep busy, she’s dealt with Ben for a couple of years. Hopefully she knows better than to hope he’s going to change his pattern once he makes her #1. Although given that she’s stuck around so long she must be hoping that things will be different this time.

Oh and Ben stepped out with his oldest child, Violet, 11, yesterday. Reportedly they went to the movies together. What did they see though? I always want to know this. I hope it was Spiderman: Homecoming, perhaps Wonderwoman a second time, or maybe Captain Underpants, that’s supposed to be decent, but not Emoji Movie.

This photo of Lindsay, below, was taken outside Ben’s office in Santa Monica yesterday. He took her with him there.

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