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Wow, Kim Zolciak is not having a good week. First she had to defend herself against a dog-shamer and animal control and now she’s got two kids in the hospital. Fortunately, her children’s surgeries proved an excellent opportunity to post a photo to her Instagram. On Tuesday, Kim graced us with this shot:

Apparently both Kash and Brielle needed to have their tonsils and adenoids out and were able to share a room for recovery, which is nice. I find it odd that two of her kids needed their tonsils out at the same time. I am not suggesting anything, I just find that odd.

Anyway, the kids were back on the mend enough to get a second photo in, this time much more presentable and conscious of having their photos plastered across social media:

Tonsillectomies don’t require much of a hospital stay, do they? The kids would be home by now, right? Maybe they just really liked the food because we can see they didn’t stay for the privacy.

Kash, the poor guy, is back in the hospital for the second time in five months. Earlier this year he required surgery stemming from a dog bite. The bite was severe enough that he needed plastic surgery. Fortunately Kash healed well enough hat he did not require additional surgeries. In appreciation of that fact, Kim posted this:

I’m glad Kash didn’t need additional surgeries and it sounds like a scary incident all around. But I include that pic because of the caption, “I said I wasn’t going to post but I just have to.” As if Kim would ever have the self-control to not publicize her life. Remember when she swore she wouldn’t post any more pics of her pets? That lasted less than 24 hours.

And Kroy is able to hang out in the recovery room with them because he’s still an unsigned free-agent with the NFL. Kroy said that’s fine by him, he’s happy to be a stay-at-home dad. And Kim couldn’t be happier with that idea, because she thinks Kroy is, “a super big help,” and, “he can do anything.” So she’s just thrilled with the idea of Kroy home all the time. I mean, she’s still actively floating it out there that he loves football and really, how HAPPY he would be playing, but no, she’d LOVE for him to be home… all the time… together… every minute.

I’d give it four months.



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