Donald and Melania Trump welcome the president of Panama to the White House

Wonder Womanis a huge hit. In America, the film has already made $275 million. Overseas, the film’s box office is very close to crossing the $300 million mark. There is every reason to believe that when all is said and done and all of the rentals, DVD sales and streaming money comes in months from now that Wonder Woman will easily be a billion-dollar movie. The heart of the movie is Gal Gadot and her performance as Diana. Warner Bros went on a global search to cast Wonder Woman, and they wanted to build her story through the Superman franchise, which is why Gadot was first hired for Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Still, Warner Bros. knew that they were going to build WW into her own franchise, which is why they got Gal Gadot to sign a three-picture deal, for BvS, a stand-alone WW movie and Justice League. The problem? She’s only getting paid $300,000 for each film.

It’s been reported that Gal Gadot made $300,000 for her role in Wonder Woman. Of course, $300,000 is nothing to sneeze at, and this number comes without accounting for the bonus actors receive once their film passes a box office milestone — something Wonder Woman is sure to achieve. However, when you consider that Wonder Woman has already made $500 million and has just crossed its third week in theaters, less than half a million seems cheap.

In the grand scheme of superhero franchises, Gadot’s reported payday seems to be more of the rule rather than the exception. Gadot originally signed on for three DC movies, each of which would pay the actress $300,000 — Batman v. Superman, Wonder Woman, and the upcoming Justice League. Conversely, Marvel powerhouse and my personal favorite Chris, Chris Evans signed onto the first Captain America movie for only $300,000. Between their multi-contract deals and the staggering cost of these movies, it’s not unusual for some lesser superhero stars to see salaries in this range for their multi-million and billion dollar movies. Not everyone can be Robert Downey Jr., who negotiated his way into an over $40 million payday for a Captain America movie (Captain America: Civil War).

But don’t think this news comes without pay discrimination critiques. Henry Cavill earned a reported $14 million for his role in Man of Steel. Judging by that as well as Batman v. Superman’s $300 million budget and star power, it doesn’t seem out of the realm of possibility that Ben Affleck and Jesse Eisenberg saw larger paydays than Gadot. Also, Man of Steel and Batman v. Superman were two movies that flopped so hard, they’ve essentially become running jokes. Wonder Woman, on the other hand, is an actually good movie that audiences are willingly paying money to see. A lot of that success comes down to Gadot’s powerful and vulnerable performance. The bottom line is that DC and Warner Bros. need to give Gal Gadot more money.

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The part that upsets me is that Henry Cavill got $14 million for his first turn as Superman. I get why Gadot was only paid $300,000 for BvS – she was not the main focus, and it was the “soft introduction” for that character. But you know she probably got the least amount of money in that entire cast, and they underpaid her for the stand-alone WW movie, which she carried on her back. You know what will really kill me? If we find out that Chris Pine made more money than Gal for Wonder Woman. Ten bucks says he did.

Donald and Melania Trump welcome the president of Panama to the White House

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