I don’t know what the heck to make of this weekend’s interaction between Seth Rogen and Rob Schneider. Not interaction so much as a weird Twitter tiff. Or a word rumble? Like I said, I’m having trouble putting my finger on what it is, exactly.

It all began on Saturday, when Seth posted this screencap to his Twitter that said Rob had blocked him:

Twitter, you may or may not know, does not notify you if someone has blocked you. But if you, the Blocked, try to read posts written by the Blocker, this is the notification you receive. So Seth went looking for Rob and that’s when he discovered he was shut out of all of Rob’s 140 character wisdoms. Taking umbrage with this rebuff, Seth decided to troll Rob and followed up his tweet with this:

I follow Seth and when this came up on my feed, it appeared farther down than the first one so I thought this was the tweet that earned Seth a blocking (my laziness prohibits me from reading time stamps). In that order, it made sense to me. Like Rob couldn’t take a joke and blocked Seth in a moment of toddler feet-stomping. But clearly something happened to get Seth blocked in the first place. Once this thing blew up on Twitter, though, Rob addressed it as follows:

I thought those were kind of funny. On a first pass, it sounded like a fluke occurred and Rob had not intended to block Seth. But this is Rob Schneider we are talking about – he’s not that funny even when he’s trying to be. And then he acted like a lover who got caught in a lie and started chasing Seth to come back to him. He retweeteded his tweets above to make sure Seth got them:

Of course, Seth hasn’t responded to anything since his first two tweets so we get to make up the rest. Both Seth and Rob are political and both seem to be moving further away from each other on the political spectrum. Rob, a former Democrat now outspoken Conservative, has become increasingly criticalof liberals (even though he claims he takes aims at both sides). My first thought was that Rob got ticked off with Seth’s political posts, which criticize the current administration, and blocked him. But Rob’s desperate backtracking is bizarre.

To further the WTFery is Silicon Valley actor Kumail Nanjiani’s involvement. After Seth posted his bit, Kumail posted his own screencap of an earlier tweet from Rob talking about ‘fake news’ in his reply to Seth that read, “You’re missing some gold.” But I can’t post that response because it’s been deleted. The only reason I bring this up is I was reading another Rob story in which Kumail was also referenced for comments he made on Twitter about Rob and his show Real Rob but Kumail deleted all those as well. Why is Kumail deleting all his comments about Rob? Why is Seth being blocked and then begingto come back? Was this an actual melee, misunderstanding or a couple of comedians taking the p-ss out of each other? Of course, the biggest question remains – why is Rob still happening?

Whatever the case, it looks like Seth got bored of it and moved on. I can’t say as I blame him.

Photo credit: Getty Images, Twitter and WENN Photos